New Product Development

New product development (NPD)
The Geelong New Product Development (NPD) department consists of an international team of industrial designers, design engineers, mechanical engineers, model makers and other product development specialists with the sole purpose of building class-leading quality products for your home and professional storage needs.









The development process
The product development process is built around your product needs; our professional product development team can tailor your product requirements in order to make the highest quality product to your unique specifications.  Our design team is experienced with the design-for-manufacturing process to fully utilize our in-house manufacturing capabilities in order to deliver value-added products in a very competitive turn-around time.  Our wide product category in both the professional and the home range is a result of our core strength in product design and flexibility in project management.  Our team of product development specialists can work with your existing design to eliminate potential manufacturing problems, value-engineer existing designs and increase the speed to market from idea to final product.  With a proven track record of successful products, the Geelong NPD department is proactively seeking out new ways to develop new ideas and improve existing designs in order to better serve your unique product development needs.









The In-house capability
The entire product development and design process is carried out in-house within the NPD department - from market research, product conception, product strategy, industrial design, prototype to testing sample: The end-to-end process is executed and managed by our team of experts to ensure the product design, speed and quality is to the upmost highest standard. The Geelong centralized project management and in-house product development capability ensures projects are delivered on time, within budget and with a high degree of satisfaction.