Our main manufacturing facility is in Zhongshan, Guangdong in the heart of today’s industrial China about 2 hours from Hong Kong. The manufacture of our products is in four parts: steel cutting and bending, welding, powder coating of metal parts and parts assembly. All products are manufactured and packaged to the exact specifications and requirements of customers and to the highest industry standard. Our factory is highly professional and well organized and is able to manufacture our customers’ products efficiently and quickly. Many of our customers take the time to visit our  factory  in  Zhongshan  in order  to see for themselves the high level of organization and  operational management in Geelong culture. 

Steel cutting and bending
At Geelong we use modern steel cutting and forming machinery to manufacture our customer’s products at the class-leading quality level. Likewise, our steel material quality is top notch in term of uniformity, consistency and durability. We are continuously updating our range of machinery and tooling such that our products remain top quality, durable and attractive. In addition to heavy duty stamping and press machines, we have turret presses, various roll formers, fibre laser cutters, Accurpress and CNC presses. All machines are capable of precision engineering - exact and very clean cutting to a quality unsurpassed in the industry.

We use both spot welding and gas welding in our factory. However in addition, we also use robot welders which can produce the highest quality weld in areas where manual welding would be less effective.

Powder coating
Industrial scale powder coating involves several stages including pre-treatment, which involves metal cleaning and heating, followed by the spraying of metal parts with a powder colour and then baking the powder on to the metal part. This produces a very high quality, durable, attractive finish. Geelong's powder coating facilities enable us to manufacture products in the widest range of colours possible in the industry. Many companies manufacturing tool boxes and tool chests can only offer four colour choices. Geelong’s colour range is much wider, almost any colour can be  accommodated.

In order to manufacture efficiently and effectively our factory operates multiple assembly lines. This flexibility allows us to increase production to meet demand and at the same time facilitates better  supervision and quality control. Assembled products are subjected to thorough tests to ensure that all customer needs and stipulations have been met. Many customers come to our factory to examine their finished products prior to export. Geelong's attention to product quality detail over many years has helped us develop a strong reputation within the industry for quality, reliability and beautiful products.