Quality Assurance

Quality control and testing
Our customers demand products which are of the highest quality; products which can used in sometimes rough conditions in many different environments. In order to manufacture our products to the highest specifications suitable to meet the requirements of the most stringent working standards, we have at Geelong our own in-house product quality control and testing facilities. Our quality control team is highly trained and qualified to rigorously test both new and existing product designs.

Geelong is fully ISO 9001 2015 compliant. The quality control system we have developed was established and structured to provide customers with maximum assurance about product  quality  and  service  which meet  and  often
exceed design requirements. 

From product design to manufacturing, all stages of product development are carefully managed to build products of the best quality and performance.  All of our products follow the same well established route from concept to production:
  • Design control and verification
  • Supplier control and incoming quality control inspection
  • Manufacturing control procedures
  • Process set up and in-process monitoring
  • Outgoing product quality inspection
  • Functional and reliability tests

Drop TestSalt Spray Test










Our exhaustive in-house testing process includes a battery of product specific tests including:
  • Salt Spray test
  • Compression test
  • Caster cycling test
  • Caster durability test
  • Ball-bearing slide cycle test
  • Ball-bearing slide impact test
  • Vibration test
  • Gas spring strength test
  • Drop test
  • Carton bursting strength test
  • Edge strength test  

This comprehensive testing process developed as a result of many years of manufacturing experience ensures that our customers receive the best quality, reliable products.

Caster Cycle TestCompression Test