1. Q: Where can I find more information regarding service, part replacement and other warranty related topics?
    A: For the latest warranty and service information please contact us at info@geelongsales.com.hk or by completing our enquiry form.
  2. Q: Are all of your products designs tested?
    A: All of our products are subjected to various strength, durability and quality tests. Many of our customers specify what testing standards must be achieved and we will strictly follow and achieve these standards.
  3. Q: What materials are used in the manufacturing of your products?
    A: All of our Geelong products are made of high quality steel, although most products have other features made of wood, plastic or aluminum.
  4. Q: Where can I find the latest Geelong product information?
    A: For the latest product information please download our catalogue  or contact us at info@geelongsales.com.hk  or by completing our enquiry form.
  5. Q: I have a B2B enquiry product, where can I get more information?
    A: For all of your business enquiries please contact us at info@geelongsales.com.hk or by completing our enquiry form.
  6. Q: I have a product idea but I need further development assistance, what can Geelong do for me?
    A: Our in-house new product development (NPD) and engineering experts can transform your concept into a finished product with our expertise in product strategy, industrial design and class-leading manufacturing capabilities.
  7. Q: What range of colours do you offer?
    A: Geelong offers the industry’s widest possible range of colours; almost any colour choice can be accommodated to your product specification.
  8. Q: Can Geelong modify a product to align to my brand standard and product strategy?
    A: Yes,we can tailor-make a new design or we can modify an existing design to your unique product requirements. Similarly we also offer a value-engineering service for certain products in order to meet your price point segment and local market nicha. For more product detail please contact us at info@geelongsales.com.hk or by completing our enquiry form.
  9. Q: I am currently using another supplier for my steel storage products, what can Geelong do for my company?
    A: With our class-leading manufacturing capability and in-house product development control, we can offer competitive pricing on a wide array of storage product types from opening price point to premium/high-end product. Geelong offers a one-stop service from design to production under one roof. To see how the Geelong team can help with your product needs please contact us at info@geelongsales.com.hk or by completing our enquiry form.
  10. Q: Can you manufacture products in very large volumes?
    A: Geelong is the biggest manufacturer of steel storage products in the world and as such can produce in very large volumes. Our extensive experience and expertise guarantee the highest possible quality available.